Tuesday, November 25, 2003


hey, jude.

sarah b. writes about missing driving. i miss it, too. particularly the excellent singing that went with it, and the occasional cigarette and diet coke with the window open that helped me get to olympia without falling asleep.

last night was good, good cheap afghan food in the village with someone who is old enough to have known me when, but new enough to be full of the surprises that mean you're getting to know someone. i missed that possibly even more than driving. the restaurant was almost completely red inside, and there was christmas radio piped in. we had eggplant and she told me about getting engaged. she also showed me the bar with two-fifty beers and free popcorn.

not to be maudlin--i mean, i feel pretty good--but i wonder if this was the thanksgiving year i would have starved unless the natives taught me to plant rotting fish with my corn.


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