Monday, November 24, 2003


black is the color of my true love's hair.

welp, i'm still not sleeping, i do feel better. i got a call today from a long lost friend who left for new york to go to midwifery school. she's a particularly straight shooter, and i'm looking forward to having a beer with her. she's an antidote.

today was going to be the last day of this insufferable student film project i'm involved in. the filmmaker is this nice young woman who's trying to get into school--i'm involved because she's the friend of a friend, and i've been looking for low-profile film projects to hone skills on, but really this project and i could hardly be poorer matched. she called last night to say she'd lost most of our first morning's work, and that we needed to reshoot. then i got ten minutes of notes. i feel like telling her, you know, if you invoke reese witherspoon's name one more time by way of example, i will quit this psuedo-film and leave you to try to attract her with the crappy script, absent pay and lack of competent direction that you are currently providing me.

however, i should be kinder. not least because there was an accident today. the director i complained about above, who is actually a pretty cool person, hit a child on her bicycle while she was hurrying back to our set in the park. the poor kid had to go to the hospital in the ambulance, and said director was of course inconsolable. i'm thinking good thoughts for the kid.

and i'm going to have a beer in manhattan with my long lost midwife.


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